Red Day

Red Day Living in the city for two years makes the space required for comfort much smaller. Seeing the horizon is replaced by seeing across the street. And walking outside becomes an art in navigating man-made canyons. A shallow inset of a gigantic maze. Chaos overlapped on gridded order. And coming back to the city is always accompanied by a reassuring claustrophobia. I'm finally back in Los Angeles. Tomorrow is the first day of class. Links: "A Healthy Diet for the Mind" - blog post about how "you are what you read". Side scrolling websites - a collection of interesting side scrolling websites I found on Smashing Magazine. "Rock Star" developers - I feel arrogant condemning other people, so I hesitate. But, it does bother me when anyone asks for a coding "guru". Why Microsoft is dead - Doesn't have a lot of data, but it's a fun little read.