Advice for Freshmen

This is what it feels like when you're starting college. Uncertain, unbalanced, silly. But you can't say it's not fun!
I hope over the next few days, I'll have remembered most of my list. It's mainly for my sister, who is going to college soon. Apologies for the total lack of structure.
  • Figure out one special thing about yourself and brace yourself for endless icebreakers.
  • The more honest you feel when you tell a stranger what your major is, the closer you are to the right one.
  • Do things for your friends. They will do things for you. If they do not, reconsider the friendship.
  • If you were waiting for a chance to do something exciting and unexpected, now is the time.
  • Organize and store every digital document you receive and complete from class. They will occasionally come in handy if you forget something you've learned (which will happen often).
  • Along with the above, backup your files regularly.
  • Buy a backpack that can fit a week's worth of groceries.
  • The grades you get in your first semester count the same as the grades in your last.
  • Buy two locks for your bike, lock the front wheel to your frame and the frame to a fixed object.
  • Get two bank accounts. One at a national bank and one at the university credit union. Use the national bank for the ATM's, and the credit union for all other services.
  • Get into museums for free. Feel good.
  • Learn basic life skills. Like how to feed and clean yourself. (You would be surprised at how many people refuse to do this).