Hello world!

So I finally got around to making the blog that I've always been meaning to make. Being winter break, I figured this would be a good chance. Here are some things I plan to put on here.

  • Interesting web links. I've been using delicious for awhile, but since it looks like they may be going away, I'll put links here. Being doubly advantageous in that more people will be able to see them, and the data is easily exportable.
  • Thoughts that at the moment seem clever, but upon future review will only trigger nostalgia for a more innocent time.
  • Photos and reflections on those photos. Sometimes there are very pretty things that I find necessary to catalog.
Maybe more. Planning on making a static page at www.ryochiba.com for resume/project data later this week. I've had these illustrations sitting on my drive for ages, waiting to be translated onto the web. Explanation of why the site looks like it does: I was going for something whimsical and clean. I guess it's a take on having one's head "in the clouds". Extra puns for the fact that this blog's purpose is to catalog things "in the cloud". Also wanted to make evening and night versions of the skin too for fun. But, maybe it's not worth it. This will do for now.