A Word from our CTO on TINT Enterprise


Our company sold software to enterprise clients, so we needed a video to let potential customers know that our team could handle their needs. The bloopers are also fun to watch.

SF Selenium Meetup: A startup's selenium journey


When I saw in my inbox that the local QA group was having lighting talks, I signed up to share my experiences with Selenium. While at TINT I was also responsible for the functional test suite, so I spent a lot of time setting it up and keeping it running.

TINT Marketing Integrations


In an effort to increase usage of a new feature that our engineering team had released, I created a video.

Anatomy of a Startup


A video that USC did on our startup shortly after we graduated and were working on our company full-time in Pasadena, CA. Regrettably, our own alma mater did not end up adopting our technology as much as rival schools Stanford and Berkeley.

Day in the Life at TINT


To give job applicants an accurate picture of working at TINT, our team made a series of videos depicting a regular workday from each of our perspectives, using Snapchat Spectacles. This is a snapshot of my regular workday in 2017. And yes, we did work hard, it's just that long stretches of staring at a screen don't make great recruiting fodder ;)

Inkscape Tutorial


In high school, I was a big user of Inkscape, an open source vector graphics program. I spent my time after school teaching other students how to use it, and one day I decided to make a tutorial and post it to YouTube. Years later, almost half a million people have seen me with bleached hair in my family's dining room.