Hi, I'm Ryo.

What's my story?

I was born in Japan, but came to the US when I was 1. My family traveled a lot growing up, and until college I lived mostly in the middle of America. I spent elementary school in Alabama and middle/high school in Indiana. For undergrad, I moved to Los Angeles, and graduated with a BS/MS in CS from USC in 2012. While in college, I cofounded a marketing technology company called TINT.

We achieved great success, as we grew to 40 full-time employees, millions in annual recurring revenue, and 1000+ customers in 172 countries. During those 6 years, I alternated between CTO and Head of Marketing, and learned a great deal about software development, business operations, recruiting, management, leadership, and marketing. In 2018 we sold the company to Filestack.

Now I'm working on my next venture with another TINT cofounder. It's called Apparatus, and it's software designed to help content marketers increase their organic traffic by optimizing their content for search.

In my spare time, I enjoy sketching, biking, and spending excessive amounts of time writing "about me" pages.

What can I do for you?

Are you a...

Content Marketer or SEO?

If you need expertise with SEO or optimizing your content marketing program for search, let me know. I've spent over 6 years building an inbound marketing program at TINT, and am now doing freelance SEO consulting. I can provide comprehensive competitive analysis, keyword research, run SEO experiments, and give recommendations to boost inbound traffic.

Startup Person?

If you are looking for insight, advice, or stories related to building a tech company from scratch to 40-people, please reach out. Happy to share experiences and knowledge.


I'm a relatively casual cyclist usually riding with friends on weekends between 50-60 miles at 13 mph on a used Fuji Sportif. If you're in the Bay Area want to ride, let me know.


I've been looking for a buddy to sketch/paint outdoors with! Are you in San Francisco and need an art buddy? Hit me up.

Contact Info

ryochiba [at] gmail [dot] com


See my linkedin.