Email Data

After getting a ton of emails yesterday, I became overwhelmed by my cluttered inbox of 1000+ read messages. I had to archive them all. There was a sigh of relief from the artificial clarity gained in having whitespace where there was once text.

I remembered the day I set up my Gmail account in 2004. Back when I emailed friends just to get them to reply so I could indulge in the pleasure of seeing unread emails in my inbox.

I decided to find out how much my inbox has changed since then.

From the daily counts, the difference is harder to see, but the monthly counts make the difference more visible.

  1. Downloaded Gmail backup and started pulling my emails down from Google. Changed my password because I read that the program phones home.
  2. Wrote some simple python scripts to look for keywords and count all the numbers up.
  3. 3. Excel
  4. Graphs (click for detailed view): Daily Incoming Emails

    Daily Incoming Emails with Trendline

    Monthly Incoming Emails