How To Create an Apple Developer Account Anonymously

Masked Credit Card

Yesterday, we ran into an issue where we were trying to release our white-label app in the Apple App Store. We wanted to submit it under a pseudonym or anonymously, however the App Store requires you to use a credit card with a name attached to it, and uses that name when you publish in the App Store. This is obviously unacceptable for a white label app, since searching any of our teammate’s names will quickly lead back to our company, and it put us in a bind because creating a credit card under a pseudonym is a pain in the ass.

So, after some sleuthing around, we found a credit card masking service called Do Not Track Me run by a company called Abine. Some further sleuthing revealed that this is in fact a legitimate company as cited by Forbes. We signed up for the premium monthly service, created a masked card, and voila! We were able to sign up to an Apple Developer Account under a pseudonym.